Welcome! POST-MODERN SLEAZE is the online destination for merchandise by Midlands based illustrator Kayleigh Watson. 

Launched in 2016, the brand offers exclusive wares, content and designs. All stock is limited edition* and is signed by the artist.

 darkly illustrated prints + merchandise as well as limited edition collections.

Kayleigh Watson is an artist and writer born and raised in Wolverhampton. She has been drawing since she could first hold a pencil + began weaving fantasy tales soon after. A portfolio of her written work can be found at What Kayleigh Said...

POST-MODERN SLEAZE is home of Kayleigh's further interest in the left-field; here she creates work inspired by science fiction, fantasy, history, feminism and her longstanding love of music and pop culture. She combines many of these elements to create provocative yet engaging work.

F.Y.IClient and personal commissions are welcomed! Please view custom + collabs and enquire via contact page.

*limited edition collections are so at the point of purchase. The number of copies in that collection will be explicitly stated on the purchase page of the item and will be reinforced by a statement with your purchase. Copyright of images belong to the creator and as such new collections using that image may be printed, however whilst the image may be duplicated the aesthetics of the image and/or the nature of which it is duplicated (eg. differing colour schemes or type of product etc) will be different and will never compromise the integrity of any previous collections containing said image. As such, the copyright holder has the right to reproduce multiple collections using the same image via differing aesthetics should they wish to do so.